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Comic-Con 2018: All the best moments from SDCC : Syfy Wire's Fangrrl's Panel  - TV GUIDE

SYFY WIRE’s Cher Martinetti talks about women and female-focused storylines in genre TV - Hidden Remote

The SYFY WIRE FANGRRLS Panel Inspired The Crap Out Of Me - DIRECTV

SYFY Wire’s Cher Martinetti on Fangrrls, diversity and toxic masculinity- Movie TV Tech Geeks

First Comic-Con of the #MeToo era grapples with harassment- Associated Press

How ‘Locker Room Talk’ And Casual Misogyny Are Making Conventions Intolerable For Cosplayers - UPROXX

SYFY Wire Fangrrls Presents: Badass Women of Sci-Fi- Bleeding Cool News

The viral campaign to send girls to see 'Wonder Woman' will warm your heart. - UPWORTHY

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